First Jump (Tandem)

   Tandem skydiving is recognized as the fastest way to experience freefall skydiving with minimal training. 

It also allows individuals with certain health conditions who would otherwise not be able to experience the sport of skydiving to make a freefall skydive with Skydive Kansas City. For those with limited health and physical conditions please call us at (816) 524-5867 to see if you qualify for a skydiving experience.


The Training

The tandem skydiving training class is usually only about 60-90 minutes in length.  You will watch a video and simulate the proper body position for freefall and practice exiting the aircraft with your instructor. 

You will then be suited up in a jumpsuit, goggles and harness for your jump.  The tandem instructor wears a specially designed parachute system built for the two of you.  You will be harnessed to the front of him/her before you exit the aircraft.

The Skydive

Then it's up to 14,000 feet with your instructor, the highest jump altitude you'll get in the region. Our twin turbine King Air will get you to altitude in just 9 minutes!

After 60+ seconds of freefall with speeds ranging from 120 - 150 mph, your instructor will activate the parachute system and the two of you will steer the canopy to the ground during the 5 to 7 minute parachute flight. 

After experiencing your first skydive at Skydive Kansas City, you will receive a complimentary first jump certificate, logbook and be given information on how you can get certified in the sport of skydiving with Skydive Kansas City.